Globalization and the english language

As the European Union expands and becomes more multi-lingual, it too has shifted more and more to English. Descriptivists do not like the narrow-minded intolerance and misinformed purism of prescriptivists.

Impact of Globalization on English Language

Parallel to the globalization phenomenon there was also a regionalism increase. However, with globalization allowing languages and their cultures to spread and dominate on a global scale, it also leads to the extinction of other languages and cultures.

Besides that, every interactive meeting is crucially marked by a social world which evolves it, by an institution, by the culture and by history. English language present enjoys a position second to none in the educational system of many countries including Arab world.

For many of us the language can broaden experiences and opportunities, for others it can create obstacles and become a hindrance. Some Swedish companies, for example, use English within the workplace, even though they are in Sweden, because so much of their business is done, through the Internet and other communcations, with the outside world.

Also other organizations such as International Amnesty show that even in the world of war, be it local, national or world, the values are each time similar. Oxford University Press, If a disaster happens on one side of the Globe, most certainly it will reverberate on another side. Here the very important way of promoting Globalization of language is through education, the policy of teaching a foreign language is a policy of globalization.

The core of the Roman Empire in southern and western Europe can still be traced by the linguistic map of Romance languages. You can follow us on Twitter: It gives you scope to work anywhere across the globe.

Electronic texts and the transformation of beginning reading.

Globalization And Language Learning

The word Globalization is the buzzing word to all economists, a magical word to entrepreneurs and a material word to the governments and all other business people.

Other estimates for the future predict that only 10 percent of the present languages will continue into the 22nd century. Swami Vivekananda established our identity in overseas and manifested our culture with this language.

Globalization And Language Learning

The Internet and English Pedagogy: What should be of interest to either teachers or learners, in the fast-developing Internet literature, is to see the way writers are struggling to maintain a bent which is naturally descriptive and egalitarian in character while recognizing a prescriptive argument to impose regularity and consistency on a world which otherwise might spiral out of control Crystal, Utah State University Press.

Even when we talk in regionalism the English Language will be used to externalize the conclusions and regulations of those regional countries or parties.

The English Language is the most popular method of communication hence, it can allow communities to connect on a global scale.


Since its conception, the Internet has, so it seems, revolutionize the ways of human communication as well as English language learning in a global context. Some Central Asian states are contemplating reintroducing the Arabic script.

Image via Jes Flickr. The parliament has also recognized English as an official language in addition to Hindi. The push and pull of two languages is at the heart of an article in The International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism. Image via Jes Flickr.

The latest act in the long-running saga of the French authorities fighting rearguard action against the intrusion of English is being played out in the Paris bourse.

The e-prefix must have been used in hundreds of expressions of people on a daily basis. Of course, English has long been the language of finance since well before Adam Smith, the 18th century Scot who is generally credited with inventing the field economics.

As financial markets become ever more global and round-the-clock operations, the importance of English only increases.

The globalization of English can also refer to the rapid spread of English as a second and foreign language. The world's non-native speaker (NNS) to native speaker (NS) ratio for English is estimated to be between 2 to 1 and 4 to 1. Over the past years it’s globalisation – accelerated by new technology – that has had the greatest impact on the English language.

English is a world language now, the dominant language of science, computing and academia in general. English, or better said, the concept of English language known as 'International English' is the global view of the language or the an international standard for the language.

It can also be referred as: Global English, World English or even Globish. Apr 09,  · SINGAPORE — Riding the crest of globalization and technology, English dominates the world as no language ever has, and some linguists are now saying it.

Globalization And Language Learning. April 21, by rosemary pennington & filed under Education. Increasingly experts are urging people to learn a second language in order to be competitive in an interconnected world.

Globalization and the english language
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