Cyberspace and real space 2 essay

Consider the concept of the high ground. One employee may be downloading pornographic pictures and using them as screen savers, or printing them at his printer, often located in a common area.

For a more developed discussion, see sources cited supra note Department of Justice Civil Rights Division likewise began an investigation of a high school whose teams were named the Warriors and the Squaws, on the grounds that the district "allow[ed] the use of American Indian religious symbols at [the high school] that demean American Indian religious practices" and that because of the team name classmates would call male students "warriors" and female students "squaws," which created a "racially hostile [educational] environment.

Imagine how a cautious employer would react to a decision imposing liability in the Freddie Mac harassment case or even to the EEOC's decision to sue Freddie Mac.

Like a bee building its hive.


In one study to find a photo of an academic woman in a non-professional pose on her website, the author had to keep clicking to find buried deep in the website a photo of her kissing a child. Is it just silly fun, or does this humor reveal something about our culture as well as our underlying anxieties about computers and the internet.

Obviously, private employers may, on their own, choose to restrict speech on their computers -- just like private publishers may choose and routinely do choose not to publish profane, insulting, or politically offensive material, and just as Internet service providers may choose to restrict the material that they carry and to which they allow access.

But Netiquette mandates that you do your best to act within the laws of society and cyberspace. Repeated sexual jokes, innuendoes, or comments. Reveron, 89 Washington, DC: Gary Brown and Owen Tullos suggest a spectrum for cyber activity that is based on the effects of actions in cyberspace see figure 2.

Others are changed commercial speech, obscenity, libelthough many of the principles underlying them remain. For instance, seven librarians recently filed an EEOC complaint based on what they say is "repeated exposure to sexually explicit materials," and an environment "which is increasingly permeated by [pornographic] images on computer screens, [and] is also barraged by hard copies of the same, created on Library provided printers.

What's more, harassment law is in many ways broader than the CDA; the CDA, at least, didn't purport to cover allegedly racist, sexist, or religiously insulting statements. It's that during the day, you got it and brought it into the workplace.

Once each action is evaluated for each factor see table 2the results could then be stacked to give a reasonable comparison of which cyber action is more hostile compared to another.

Cyberspace Explained

Web authoring deliver the results is becoming serious sector in earlier times decade and with many on-line publishing opportunity. Whether a government-owned library may install filters, quite apart from the harassment issues, remains an unsettled matter.

CyberPsychology and Behavior, 3. Apr 23,  · Assignment 2, Xin Zhang,CCM. April 23, This kind of virtual reality world such as cyberspace is mimicry the real world, but is also can do anything what the real world cannot do.

Cyberspace: A Manmade Sphere for Wars

to form a new social and exchange space- cyberspace. There is one of argument from Castells and Catterall () in The Making of the.

The cross-classification of these categories with the four spaces mentioned above yields the following associations: the space of the textual world belongs to either (1) or (2), depending on whether the text is a documentary or a fiction; the architecture of the text illustrates (3); the physical space occupied by the text is a real space of.

At Home in Cyberspace: Staging Autobiographical Scenes Indebted thus to Borges's tale of the Aleph, Lefebvre's theory of real-and-imagined space, and even Proust's invocations of the past, the Thirdspatial imagination also resonates clearly in the autobiographical theatres of recollection previewed here.

In the conclusion of her essay. Race in Cyberspace (review) María Fernández Callaloo, Volume 25, Number 2, Springpp. (Review) space”.

A discussion of this subject in any medium has been pressing for more than protected from attacks real or imagined” (). Within this larger 'other' space, there must be a mosaic of normality and deviance, imagined and real, juxtaposed and otherwise, that reflects the social relations emerging in cyberspace.

Within the colony of the Internet, there is an emerging complexity still to be explored. The real space is a backdrop where human entities are controlled by the sovereign codes or constitution of the land based on particular demographics.

Cyberspace and real space 2 essay
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