Chinese views death and dying burial techniques rituals

Indeed, one of the most significant symbolic reminders that ancestors were still part of the family was their inclusion as honored guests at holiday meals. It was assumed that the dead could influence the quality of life for those still in this world—either for good or for ill.

In fact, not only graves, but every palace in China is built according to precise fengshui theory, especially the Forbidden City in Beijing and West Mausoleums of the Qing Dynasty. According to data, there are about 70 million historical relics collectors in mainland China.

Turning all pictures to face the wall and covering all mirrors, windows and reflective surfaces so the dead can't view themselves. If a younger family member dies, there still remains the question of how to prepare for the funeral of unmarried adults and children. For some, this meant there were two hun, just as, for others, there might be multiple po.

Not leaving the house or socializing Abstaining from sexual activity Not talking or laughing loudly Wearing black clothes, armbands or pinning pieces of black cloth to the mourner's clothing Men and women of the family shaving their hair, including facial hair, which symbolizes death and new life Widows are expected to mourn for six months to a year and children who lost a parent are expected to mourn for three months.

The early Taoist church foresaw an imminent apocalypse in which the evil would perish and the faithful "seed people" would survive to repopulate a utopian world of Great Peace. No red and no jewelry.

Chinese Death Rituals

The Chuang-tzu welcomes death as merely one more stage in a process of ongoing transformation that affects all and is directed by the Tao. All other clothing belonging to the person must be burned. Everything has a beginning and must come to an end.

Chinese Death Rituals

Another interesting item that is often brought to the gravesite is fake money, which is burned before the visitors leave. Ancestral souls for whom no one cared would become "hungry ghosts" eguiwhich might attack anyone in the community.

After-funeral rituals and mourning customs can continue for a long time in some areas. This is done to help family members stay alert during the wake and to take their minds off of the funeral. While not clear on the exact details, Chinese considered the world of departed spirits similar to the world of the living in key ways.

It is also customary for gambling to take place in the courtyards of the home. There are some movements in the West that claim this mantle as well, but most do not maintain traditional ritual practice.

Death Rituals in Africa

The larger the fortune is left to the relatives, the louder the wailing. Those with closer relationships to the dead i. Evolution of the Rituals African death rituals evolved when the traditional religious beliefs of Africa were challenged and modified by the spread of Islam and Christianity to the continent.

I found her self-probing about her beliefs to be very interesting and noteworthy. Some old people prepare their coffins and grave clothes even they are healthy, because it is believed that doing so can bring longevity and happiness to their families.

The funerals may have been a sad time in my life but they were also very educational. Check out the food, customs, and the legend of Qingming Festival.

Its importance is underlined by the fact that the practice is being revived in China after years of condemnation by Communist officials. Popular conceptions of the afterlife came to focus on existence in hells where retribution was exacted for sins during life.

She sat quietly thinking about all of these things and I waited patiently. The same is true for infants and children.

Presenting coffin-shaped gifts to your friends can be appreciated, but the premise is that your friends understand the implied meaning. Explorations of Social Phenomenondeath customs in Africa do not end with the burial.

Chinese funeral rituals

Other tribes may delay the burial until family comes from far away. Often, many community members attend the burial to support the family members.

Families will usually gather to carry out funeral rituals, in order both to show respect for the dead and to strengthen the bonds of the kin group. Like all other traditions and customs, it is losing its impact with the younger generation.

The Way of Unity promises that individuals who take the right moral-spiritual path will avoid the catastrophe that faces others as they near the end of the world. The Wake If the person has died at home, his or her coffin is placed on a stand within the home. In addition, she is quite active in the small Chinese community where she lives and volunteers at the Chinese school that holds classes once a week.

Chinese Beliefs

Religious Taoism arose in the second century C. Philosophers applied the dichotomy to soul theory. Yet, up to the early s in some countries, such as parts of Kenya and the Cameroons, "unimportant people" and the young were not given funeral rites, but instead, were left for the hyenas.

Grieving Rituals and Beliefs of Chinese Families on how the traditional Chinese views of death and dying were established and shaped (Hansen, ). Tao, with the literal meaning of ÒpathÓ or Òway,Ó sits in the Grieving Rituals and Practices by Chinese Families.

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A Grave Day–the Culture of Death!

Chinese funeral rituals comprise a set of traditions broadly associated with Chinese folk religion, with different rites depending on the age of the deceased, the cause of death, and the deceased's marital and social statuses.

Chinese Views on Death and Dying Burial Techniques, Rituals and Beliefs of the Common Man Words Apr 28th, 11 Pages Chinese religion and strict. While some traditional Chinese death rituals use the three-humped rectangle shaped casket, more modern Chinese use the Western-style caskets.

Preparation of the Body Before a body can be placed in a casket it must be washed with care, dusted with talcum powder and dressed in the very best clothes from their personal wardrobe. Chinese Views on Death and Dying Burial Techniques, Rituals and Beliefs of the Common Man Chinese religion and strict cultural beliefs are inseparable from the death rites performed.

Many di inseparable from the death rites performed.

Chinese views death and dying burial techniques rituals
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